Annual events are the heart and soul of every college. It is that part of the year when students and professors come together to commemorate the real talent. INIFD Kalyan every year hosts a lively event called KAIRA where the institute provides a huge platform for its designer students. The skills, creative approach and unique imagination are unfurled on the stage; the event indeed is less like a formal celebration but more like a boost to the career of INIFD Kalyan’s students. Eminent juries and prominent guests are invited to judge the work of young aspiring fashion designers. It is a moment of pride for the institution that no students have failed to amaze the judges. Kaira has completed 2 seasons of its annual festival and here we are embarking on the 3rd season! Kaira is an event where students embrace new opportunities and take over the heart of every audience with their dazzling artwork. The event that lasts for 5 hours has seen more than 2000 audience attendance for the past 2 years. INIFD Kalyan is consistent in inviting over 5000 guests for the fashion show event specifically. Talk about exposure and INIFD Kalyan’s Kaira event is here to cater to all your needs!